Classic 12–18 Orientation to Diploma Conversion

AMI is opening the final round for the Classic 12–18 Orientation to Diploma Conversion. 

Eligibility for the conversion is contingent upon holding a Classic 12–18 Orientation Certificate (up to 2019) and having 5 years of experience working with adolescents after receiving the Classic 12–18 Orientation Certificate. 

Applications will be submitted exclusively by completing this form. 
Submissions of this form will remain open until 9 June 2024, following which we will be completing verification checks. 

Should your eligibility be confirmed, we will be contacting you between July and October 2025 with information on the administrative cost payment process (35 EUR) and to ask for your physical address information.

To complete the form, you will be asked to enter information on your Orientation Course (location, year, trainer) and to upload a scanned copy of your Orientation Certificate.